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WiseMo RSM

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WiseMo Remote Support & Management (WiseMo RSM) is used for remote support of users with PC, Laptops, Smartphones,Tablets,…... It provides remote access to the device, including the desktop and file system, and thus also enable remote working on, or management of devices.

Our remote control solution transfers the screen from a device and shows it on a ‘Guest’ computer that in turn sends keyboard, touch and mouse events to the device. (see screen shot examples at the end of this document). With supporting features like Chat, File Transfer and Inventory it is possible to remotely support users and troubleshoot and fix problems that would otherwise only be possible with physical access to the device.

The technology enables easy connection to devices behind firewalls and proxies including connections to devices on the mobile network.

With more and more business critical applications being put on Smartphones and Tablet devices, companies will have the same needs for management and support of their smartphones and tablets, as they have for their PCs and Laptops. Whether you are a large global organization, or a one man operation, you benefit by using WiseMo’s remote control solutions.  Whether you need to effectively support tens, hundreds or thousands of users and devices, or trouble shoot a single server tucked away 5 floors down, WiseMo’s remote control solutions helps you  get the job done fast – and from the comfort of your desk or wherever you may happen to be. Financial institutions, public sector, pharmaceutical, shipping, or whatever your industry, an investment in WiseMo technology is an investment in your productivity – because WiseMo eliminate distance by putting the device right in front of you – even when it is miles away.

Key features
The key features comprise a set of tools for remote access, support and management.

Remote control
Transfer the screen of the device and show it on a Guest computer (client) that in turn sends keyboard and touch events to the device. The Guest will see the remote screen inside an image of the device (skin) and can even remotely use the buttons on the device.

File transfer
Copy, move, synchronize, clone files to and from the device.

Text chat with the remote user.

Remotely collect hardware and software information.

Easy connectivity
Connect to the device whether it’s on Wi-Fi or the mobile network.

Industry leading security
We provide encryption of the entire data communication with 256 bit AES. Centralized authentication, rights management and session recordings.

Personal service
A configurable hot-key or on-screen button allows quick and easy access to the help desk.

Event logging
Logging of session events.

Supported Client (Guest) operating systems, reaching Android devices

•       Windows XP to Windows 8

•       iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (from iOS 5)

•       Web browser on Windows PCs

Supported Android device (Host) operating systems

•       Android 2.3 up to latest Android version 4+


•       Can I connect over Mobile network, like 3G, or only over WI-FI?

YES, you can connect both via Mobile Network and via WI-FI

•       Is the screen transfer slow?

NO – it is very fast – probably the fastest available  – it is like the device is in front of you.

•       Can anyone then look at my Tablet screen?

NO – Only those you have permitted access can view your screen and make input on the device.

•       Transferring data over the internet, is it safe?

YES, we use industry leading 256 bit encryption so no-one can tap your screen and input data while it travels over the internet.

•       If I forgot my device, how can I then get to it?

From any Windows PC Browser you can connect to it, for example from a PC in the Hotel lobby or at the airport.

•       I am not technical, is it also for me?

YES, it is almost like the device is right in front of you. You see a nice picture of the device on the PC screen and with the screen updating live and you can even press the buttons shown on the picture of the device, as well as do all other type of input actions.

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