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14. Fujitsu ETERNUS All-Flash Special offer
14. Fujitsu ETERNUS All-Flash Special offer


Take your customers into an all-flash world with FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF
Flash storage is transforming the economics of IT storage. With FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF, your customers enjoy far greater speed and responsiveness for all their apps. Delivering speed, simplicity and space-saving design at an affordable price point, ETERNUS AF makes flash the new normal, enabling you to supercharge the storage of your business customers:
Fast: Ultra-low response times that set performance records.
Smart: Assign priorities to applications, and ETERNUS AF makes certain each app gets the quality of service it needs.
Safe: Full DR with mirroring and transparent failover.
Flexible: Switch deduplication on when you need to optimize capacity, and keep it off for performance-hungry apps.
Simple:GUI, setup and daily operation are all designed with simplicity in mind.
Mind-changing facts
Uncertain about whether flash can deliver for your customers? Here are the facts:
8x more IOPS
500x faster response time
10x higher density
85% savings for power and cooling
8x less cost for maintenance
Compared to disk systems.
ETERNUS AF is available in two models, the ETERNUS AF250 with up 48 drives, and the ETERNUS AF650 with up to 192 drives.
Promotional offer for ETERNUS AF250
Included functionality and services:
All-in FlashPack: Storage Cruiser, Local Copy, Remote Copy, Automated QoS
Deduplication and Compression
Thin Provisioning
Wide Striping
Capacity Order code Price
5,7 TB AF250, 2xFC16G, 6x960GB Свържете се с нас*
23 TB AF250, 2xFC16G, 6x3.84TB Свържете се с нас*
Find out more:
FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF can take your data center into the world of flash.